Sunday, December 9, 2018


2018 Production RWH
 Last year about this same time – Mid- December 2017, I put the final   “30”  on a manuscript I had been working on for almost two years; COIN OF THE REALM -- the 4th novel in the Jimmy Hart series.  I made a resolve at that point to close my Ozone business and concentrate 100% of novel production.  On Christmas Day of 2017 I began writing without the distractions of business.  The result is shown below; eighteen titles within a twelve month period.  An all time best for this old cowboy.  Some are already published, others are in the various stages of production, and some like the last two on the list are still in the rewrite stage.

One would assume quantity does not produce quality.  That common assumption has been proven wrong – the four novels on this list that have been released, received FIVE STAR ratings from my readership.
No matter which genre in which I write, or what POV I use, one common thread is always present: GROUNDED IN REALITY.   All my stories are original.  They may be inspired by an event or idea but they are spawned in my mind, not rewrites of some long ago expired copyright. 
1. PEPPER PYLE        5.0
2. UNBROKEN      
3. WILSON’S WAR     5.0
6. SHANIKO SAM       
11.   RING OF FIRE        
12.   COTUN BAWLS     
15.   BAD MANNERS         

Saturday, September 15, 2018



THE BEST MEAL ON THE TRIP WAS IN HONG KONG AND I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHAT I HAD EATEN (the meat was dark and chewy -- not beef, pork or chicken.)

I’ve been an ExPat since 2003.  I’ve lived in many places in Central America and now the Philippines.  I seldom return to the USA.  I miss certain foods; specifically good beef.  Steaks, Roast Beef, and hamburgers.  Being an ex-rancher it’s difficult to please me with inferior cuts of meat.  So, knowing that I seldom order beef off the menu and avoid fast food joints in 3rd world countries.
I violated my resolve on my trip to Hong Kong last week.  I visited two franchise hamburger joints at the Manila airport.  Burger King and Wendy’s.  I wasted my money — both times.  I couldn’t take more than one bite before tossing in the trash.  Why?  MAYONNAISE!  Both sandwiches were slathered in mayonnaise.
What’s with Filipinos and Mayo?  My housekeeper fixes her kid a sandwich by layering on mayo between 2 pieces of bread.  They put it on everything.  God how cruel it is to an old western guy — mayo on a burger.  I was taught by a grandmother how to cook.  First rule!  White with white — red with red. (only exception — biscuits and gravy)
Okay.. Here’s he example — when we made tomato based chili we didn’t use chicken — we used beef.  Red meat = red sauce.  We used mayo on turkey, chicken and eggs or salads.  Red meat got A-1, ketchup or mustard.  When you make spaghetti, you use red Marena sauce with beef.  With a chicken or shrimp you use a Carbonara white sauce. 
My grandmother would have sent those fry cooks at Burger King and Wendy’s to perdition if she would have seen how they ruined those meals.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


HERE IS THE LAST 10 PAGES OF REVIEWS.    These are actual readers -- not contrived or paid reviewers.  Actual -- unabridged. You see the good with the bad.
 Believable. Teachable moments. August 28, 2018
Fantastic book. Written in a manner that takes you to that time period. The author evokes the reality that this generation of cowboy pioneers are the ones who opened and tamed the Wild West Amazing writer.
 A great adventure August 14, 2018
Another cant put down till finished book by proficient writer. Thanks Rob for a great read. Can't wait for the next book in this series.
P.S Winn reviewed SHOOTER
 Intriguing! June 26, 2018
This is an interesting read that combines conspiracies of the past with the world today full of its' own lies and cover-ups. The book has a bit of sexual content and is not for young readers, For everyone else it is a tangled, twisted look at Tom and Inez Hooker who are brother and half-sister and their link to the Kennedy assassination and what that means to them now when asked to commit a similar crime. The author takes an...Read More
 Another great story by an amazing author. June 23, 2018
This is an adult romance, but so much more. Welcome to Guam where Skid McMaster is leading a laid back life. Things are going to change and end up in turmoil with man and mother nature trying to foil things for Skid. Learning his family is coming to visit, Skid is in a tizzy. His relatives think he is engaged. A woman Skid has spent some time with agrees to fill in. Big problem though because Blondie has a relationship already....Read More
 Excellent work Bob, as expected. June 22, 2018
I've read all Roberts books to this point and non have disappointed. To the contrary i have been entertained, fully enthralled to the point of not eating meals. I highly recommend.
 Another great read by this author June 13, 2018
I continue to enjoy the adventures of the hero in Revolution of Fools. Be sure to read it this exciting book.
 Another great read by Robert Hatting. June 13, 2018
Willis Mathews along with friends Curly and Gladys are in for an adventure. When Cecelia steps into the picture their may be some great romance also. From Oregon to Panama, the author takes readers on a special journey that entails all kinds of hardships and heart touching moments The author uses a bit of humor in his tales that make the characters and the story feel more like reality than fiction and also makes the reading...Read More
P.S Winn reviewed ExPat
 Quite an adventure. June 9, 2018
After some problems in America, Corky Stuart is going to leave the country. Once he heads across the border he finds some things don't change no matter the local. Corky is finding gangsters, trouble and crazy people can be found anywhere. This is a great adventure by an author whose other books I have also read and enjoyed.
Brian reviewed ExPat
 The makings of an expat. June 6, 2018
Not much of a reader, but I couldn't put it down. Just when you think you see where the plot is going, it changes. Plenty of excitement. I really enjoyed the characters and how each was introduced.
 Rodeo, romance and a few problems June 3, 2018
When a book is labeled as a 'western' people forget that cowboys are alive and well in our world today. Robert Hatting is an author who writes amazing stories to help all know that fact. The author writes book that feel more like fact than fiction and brings wonderful characters to readers. In this book we meet Harp Hancock and his mother Goldie. Harp rides in the rodeo and has a hard time just trying to keep his mother and...Read More
 A must read! May 30, 2018
The author had me guessing the entire book. The story line was great. I can"t wait to read his next book.
 Interesting, intriguing and one to grab! December 18, 2017
Beginning with a ship wreck, the author takes readers into the vastness of Alaska and also into the corruptness of government in a conspiracy thriller. The character, Ben Reed, is a person who I would love to meet. I have read several of this author's books and find all are well written and intriguing. "Alaska be Damned" is an adventure readers are going to enjoy and a story that will stick with you long after the last...Read More